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Here at unFURgettable Pet Resort & Spa we want to make your dog’s stay with us as seamless and comfortable as possible. But we also understand that our relationship is not only with the pets but also with their owners. Therefore, when a dog leaves our facility, we want owners to have peace of mind knowing their pet is going home with healthy habits. We believe in utilizing training methods based on positive reinforcement. We can work on a variety of commands and customize our program to be most effective for your particular dog. For those dogs who aren’t accustomed to being away from home, we can also tailor a program to make them more comfortable in the daycare and boarding environment.

Some of our techniques include: 

  • Properly walking on a leash so that your pet stays beside or behind you, NEVER in front.

  • Redirection

  • Recall

  • Not jumping up to greet people

  • Name recognition and the “Look at me" exercises which promote focus and obedience

  • “Sit", “stay", “come”, etc

  • Relationship-based training

  • Plus many more…

Training sessions will be Monday through Friday and will last for 90 minutes with a break halfway through. Our recommendation is 1 to 2 training sessions per week for 9 weeks but we understand every dog needs a different degree of training so this is completely at the discretion of the owner. Individual sessions are $65 and training packages are available (please call or email us for additional information).

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In addition, we offer enrichment training. This program incorporates Rubber Kong toys, Nylabones, puzzle games, hide and seek, plus homemade enrichment toys, treats, and courses. All items we use are sold in our lobby for owners to continue their dog’s training at home. After each session, we will make sure every owner leaves unFURgettable with “homework” so we can work as a team to eliminate your pet’s bad habits as quickly as possible.

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It is important that owners understand their dog’s training doesn’t end when they leave our facility. Reinforcement at home is necessary for your dog to develop permanent healthy habits. Getting everyone in your house on the same page is crucial for your pet. For example, if one family member chooses to lavish the dog with attention when they jump up, the dog learns that the strategy works sometimes and has no reason not abandon this behavior.

Consistency over time is key. Along with getting everyone in the household on board with our training methods, these methods must be enforced consistently over time.  If you reinforce our teachings 4 out of 5 times but on that 5th time you forget or are distracted, your dog will figure they might as well keep trying since their behavior works some of the time.

Remember how hard bad habits are to break. If you’ve ever tried to break a bad habit such as biting your nails, you understand just how hard that is. This behavior has been repeated thousands of times to the point that it has become second nature to you. The same principle applies to your dog. It’s important to practice patience and compassion during this process.

Emotional-based behaviors take time to change. Many of the dogs that are brought to us at unFURgettable are rescues and therefore have gone through some type of trauma. Separation anxiety is typically a major issue for any boarding facility. It’s easy to teach a dog to sit or stay but attempting to break habits formed out of fear or anxiety is a long-term commitment. Think of how hard it would be for you to get over your fear of heights or confined spaces. It wouldn’t happen overnight and in some cases, the best we can do is to simply manage the situation rather than overcome it completely. How quickly the fear improves, if at all, depends on us (as well as you at home) earning your dog’s trust and giving them the space needed to work through anxiety.

Every dog learns at a different rate. We can only train your dog as quickly as they are able to absorb our lessons. Breed type and age can be factors but typically it comes down to the individual, with genetics playing less of a role. At unFURgettable, we pride ourselves on creating a relaxed, family-oriented atmosphere but even in the best of environments, your dog may struggle with particular cues or with learning in general. Again, we must practice patience if we want to see the desired outcome.

Dogs with exposure to abusive training techniques in the past may have trouble learning. Destructive techniques designed to train a dog through intimidation or pain, such as alpha rolling or the use of shock collars, can result in a dog harboring a life-time fear of learning. These dogs need extra patience and care during training so we may help them overcome their fears.

We believe the better the treats you offer during training, the better the results. For faster responses, we tend to use high-value treats like tiny pieces of hot dog, chicken, or cheese. It’s important you continue this at home rather than reaching for the packaged treats as is customary for many owners.

Your dog’s training is never “done”. Just as you made a commitment to your dog to care for and love him/her over their lifespan, the same applies to their training. Continuing to reinforce our lessons over time with rewards will ensure that your dog doesn’t abandon those teachings because there’s nothing in it for them.

*VERY IMPORTANT: Please make us aware of allergies your dog has before training starts*

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