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is there more information about daycare?

  • Daycare is a cage-free, supervised environment where multiple, compatible dogs play together in our indoor/outdoor play areas.

  • We have three play areas to separate small, medium, and large dogs but many times temperament is more important than size.

  • All groups will be rotated throughout the day to the outdoor play areas.

  • Every dog will need to go through an evaluation, where we check the dog’s temperament, play style, and energy levels.

  • Please refer to our General Info section to see our hours of operation.

*please Remember that a half day is 6 hours or less and a full day is a maximum of 12 hours*

*Please pick up your pet on time. A late pickup will result in a $10 fee*

Which pets are considered special needs?

  • Our Special Needs Program is for pets who may be a bit more aggressive than usual, anti-social pets, elderly pets with mobility issues, un-neutered males (1 year or older) or females in heat (1 year or older).

  • Intact canines, both male and female, younger than 1 year can participate in group play but may need breaks periodically throughout the day depending on their actions (constant mounting etc.) and/or the response from the other dogs. Females in heat, cannot be in group play no matter their age.

  • After 1 year of age, un-neutered and un-spayed dogs are automatically considered Special Needs.

    • These pets will get a luxury, standard or small dog suite (depending on the size of the dog and availability) with a member of our staff assigned exclusively to your pet.

      • This will be a one-on-one situation unless your pet is boarding/participating in daycare with another pet from the same family and the owner requests that the two pets stay together.

      • When your pet is not in their room for “down time”, their personal staff member will stay with your them in one of our six play areas to make sure they get enough exercise.

      • When boarding, after lobby hours, our overnight technician will allow your pet to shadow them as they make their rounds.

      • For daycare, please give us at least 24-hour notice so we can make sure to have enough staff on hand to accommodate your pet’s needs.

    • This program applies to both daycare and overnight boarding.

    • Pets we categorize as “Special Needs” will have an additional $15 per day attached to their reservation.

    • SIDE NOTE: In extreme cases, if our staff feels unsafe or unconfident in being able to perform the duties of this program to the best of their abilities, we reserve the right to refuse service.

*please Remember that a half day is 6 hours or less and a full day is a maximum of 12 hours*

*Please pick up your pet on time. A late pickup will result in a $10 fee*

is a reservation required for daycare?

  • We understand things may come up last-minute so we do accept drop-ins if we're not at full capacity.

    • However, we highly recommend reservations, especially during the peak/holiday periods.

    • We also highly recommend reservations for the Special Needs Program, especially during peak/holiday periods.

    • We may have to turn dogs away if we do not have a room available.